Send bidirectional and intelligent SMS or voice messages

The right message at the right time

Optimize your scarce resources through intelligent and bidirectional messaging. The service 2-Way SMS allows you to send voice or SMS announcements with personalized invitations to action. Depending on the user’s response, the system executes automatic tracking actions. A simple and easy to use service, with infinite applications.


Without investments

Available 24×7

Easy to use

High capacity

2-Way SMS - personalización - masvoz

A smart and bidirectional messaging service

Sends announcements with personalized invitations to action and executes follow-up actions based on the response of each user, either by replying to the SMS, or by pressing the keypad or voice instructions in the case of calls.

2-way SMS - mensajes y llamadas - masvoz

Combines the effectiveness of SMS with the proximity of calls

Select the most appropriate channel to maximize responses. Send SMS messages to your youngest target and launches call-in communications to a target audience less likely to use mobile devices. Manage certain answers by putting the customer in touch with your operators through automatic calls.

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Customize and tailor the service to suit you

2-Way SMS offers multiple configuration options such as customization of the SMS sender and the calling number, and SMS or voice messages themselves. You can also synchronize phone information with your corporate systems with ease.

2-Way SMS - infinitas aplicaciones - masvoz

Infinite applications for multitude of sectors

Define your need for two-way communication and design your service to measure. You can use 2-Way SMS to confirm appointments, administrative notifications, confirmation of reservations, response to promotions or surveys, or delivery acknowledgments, among many other applications.

click&talk - panel de control - masvoz

Online reports, statistics and configuration

Improve the intelligence of your business. Configure and manage all service information by accessing your control panel when you need it, wherever you are and with any device connected to the internet. Restrict calls by country and extract statistics and expense of service at all times.


SMS and calls, the smart combination that maximizes results



99% of company notifications are read by users.



90% of the SMS are opened within 3 minutes of receipt.



85% of users prefer to treat a problem on the phone with a person.