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11 Reasons To Work In masvoz

11 Reasons To Work In masvoz
  04/06/2019 18:06

Before deciding if you want to work with us, let’s introduce ourselves! We are a telecommunications operator in the cloud for companies that provides solutions, services and added value to its customers. In masvoz we are pioneers and specialists in cloud telephony, with more than 15 years of experience in the sector. Thousands of customers rely on our smart phone solutions every day. And you, do you dare to get on the cloud?

Working in masvoz is part of a project in constant growth, in which the illusion and talent are part of the DNA of our team. In masvoz you will find a young staff committed to our mission, our clients and our values.

For us there are two factors that are very important:

  • Values and people: we want to be the best partner for our clients. That is why we promote closeness, flexibility, innovation, quality and respect. And, above all, we believe in the value and talent of people. Together we make the new telephony.
  • Workspaces and corporate culture: the offices of masvoz are the reflection of our values and culture. Without barriers and in a diaphanous space, we facilitate the interaction between people. We see each other’s faces and we laugh once in a while. However, we do not lose the north: customer service; taking care of the teamwork and professional development of those who make it up, while we remain at the forefront in the innovation of communications in the cloud.

Why should you work with us? We explain it to you describing 11 benefits that are fruit of the requests, the experience and the evolution, as much of the company as of the equipment. Because in masvoz we not only listen to the voice of our clients, but also that of our team.

1) Complete Host Plan

Before, during and after a new incorporation to the team we already established a link with that person. We consider her a new member of the masvoz family. We welcome you with open arms, we show you the offices, we introduce you to your department colleagues, we explain what our values are and how we work, we give you a manual where you can resolve any doubts regarding the company and both your manager and the responsible for people are always at your disposal to explain everything you need to know about us and their tasks.

Enter to work in masvoz is to meet a new team of people, in which collaboration and cooperation between people are our hallmarks. You will never be alone!

2) Periodic Satisfaction Surveys Of People

We care about the opinion of our team and we love practicing active listening. We want all people who work at masvoz to feel comfortable in the company and in their job. We listen to your voice to improve. And what better to ask to know if we are on the right track? A happy team is essential to achieve the satisfaction and commitment of our customers.

3) Cool Offices In The Center Of Barcelona

In masvoz we have changed offices. We wanted a change of air and a diaphanous, modern and barrier-free space in which the whole team could work more at ease, with chill zones, a communal kitchen area, a music system in which everyone can put the music that best suits them, active and diverse meeting rooms that have the latest technology so that the meetings are effective, pleasant and productive. More than going to the office, in masvoz you go to your second house!

4) Playful Events During The Year

We know that promoting the union of the team is very important so that everything works perfectly in the company. Therefore, periodically we organize recreational events in which we carry out activities aimed at uniting and improving teamwork. Because of that and because fun is also part of our day to day!

5) Corporate Culture That Respects Diversity

We have a diverse team, enriched by people from different backgrounds and with unique knowledge. Each member of the masvoz team is special and is recognized for it. We all like to value the work we do. For people, there is a moral boost and for the company a better productivity and retention of talent.

6) Continuous Feedback With The Manager

In masvoz we have different departments, but our structure is not rigid. In fact, the ‘bosses’ work side by side with their teams sharing the same space. Leadership is collective. Without communication, there is no team. And without team, there is no company, there are no results, there are no satisfied customers. We like collaborative tools, we love sharing ideas and knowledge. It is the best way to present projects that leave our customers speechless.

7) Mindfulness

There is nothing better than developing work in an atmosphere of tranquility and harmony. That is why we promote mindfulness among our employees to favor happiness and concentration, freeing the mind of harmful thoughts. The health of all the people who are part of masvoz is essential for us!

8) Healthy food

In our kitchen, all the people on the team can find everything they need to make breakfast, snack or heat food. We have fresh fruit to promote a healthy diet and give energy to all our employees. Because our leitmotiv is ‘men sana in corpore sano’!

9) Continuing Training Plans

Because knowledge does not take place, from the Department of People we plan training (sometimes more serious, others more out of the box) for the different teams of the company. These allow to update the knowledge of our staff, as well as to incorporate new skills and competences that help them to carry out their daily work, to improve teamwork and to organize more productive brainstorming sessions.

10) Challenge Day

One Friday per month we organize the ‘Challenge Day’ in which we pose an existing or future need to the masvoz team. Based on this need, we challenge employees to solve the need through research and group consensus. Why do we challenge our team? Because we have proven that solving group challenges facilitates collaboration among team members, together we develop an action plan on the need and establish a space for research and innovation. In short, creativity to power!

11) Time Conciliation Measures

In masvoz we bet for the satisfaction of the employees and we know that one of the factors that most influence it is the flexible time. That is why we offer our team a series of measures that allow them to reconcile their work and personal lives. They can work from home on specific days, choose a Friday afternoon and an additional afternoon to rest or have leisure time, or be absent at times when they usually do business. We want happy employees!

If you like our corporate philosophy and culture and want to work with us, click here to see the positions that we currently have open or send us your curriculum vitae!

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