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4 Advantages Of Telecommute For A Company

4 Advantages Of Telecommute For A Company
  15/05/2019 15:05

In the past, telecommuting was basically considered a way for employees to save money and time by avoiding commuting to work. Companies have often been uncomfortable with telecommuting, believing that workers can “relax” when performing tasks without proper supervision.

However, more and more, organizations are opting for telecommuting. In fact, a recent study by Stanford University showed that worker productivity improved with telecommuting. But, what benefits can the implementation of telecommuting for a company?

4 Advantages Of Telecommute For A Company
1) No More Getting To Work

By the time many employees go to work, they feel tired because they have made a long trip on public transport, or have been in a traffic jam for a long time. This fact can translate into a decrease in performance, especially in the mornings. On the other hand, when employees telecommute, they can skip the displacement and immerse themselves directly in the workday ahead of them. What’s the result? Having more time to complete scheduled tasks, as well as to dedicate to family matters at the end of the day.

2) Possibility Of Telecommuting Part-time

Not all employees adapt to the independent work atmosphere that telecommuting entails, and many of them enjoy spending time with their colleagues. For this reason, many managers choose to have employees telecommute part-time, for example, one or two days a week. Even just two days of remote work can improve productivity and make the difference between a good worker and an excellent one.

3) Financial Efficiency And Talent Retention

Organizations can save between 30% and 70% on expenses for employees who work from home part-time. Offering telework to perform certain tasks can be an attractive benefit for jobseekers. Also, when certain projects are approaching the deadline, teleworkers are usually more open to working long hours from home. For example, this may be a good option for those who have children, since they can combine work with certain household chores. Thus, companies can also retain the best talent.

4) Online Data Centers

The growing use of online data centers is one of the main reasons why companies are becoming more open to teleworking. According to experts, one of the benefits of online data centers and cloud services is that they allow organizations to store information securely on their servers, which can then be accessed by employees from the office or from their home.

In this way, the retention of confidential data does not depend on employees keeping up with hard drives, laptops or storage disks. With data centers, companies can save money not only by eliminating the costly storage of data on the site, but also by allowing telecommuting at low cost and without complications.

To obtain the best results in remote work, organizations must choose workers with a proven record of performance and responsibility. In this way, companies can maximize the profitability and productivity of teleworking. As cloud storage continues to grow, telecommuting will become even more popular among organizations today.

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