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4 Questions That Every Contact Center Should Ask

4 Questions That Every Contact Center Should Ask
  13/05/2019 15:05

Companies blame contact centers for offering a decisive competitive factor: an excellent user experience. And so do users. In fact, 73% of consumers say that customer service plays an important role in their purchasing decisions.

1) What Do Users Want?

The users want great experiences. They look for interactions that are quick and easy, they want their problems solved and a friendly service that provides the correct information.

This may seem simple, but many user-centric organizations could benefit from adopting an industry-leading technology that allows analyzing key metrics, such as the first response rate, resolution times or user satisfaction based on the channel, among others.

These types of advances can drive changes in behavior that transform the impact of the user experience into an income generator.

2) Why Is The User Experience The Best Form Of Promotion?

The user experience, when done well, can be the best form of promotion for a company. Happy users are happy that agents have a positive attitude in the service, and a satisfactory experience of the users generates higher rates of commitment, retention and productivity in the contact centers.

A good experience, according to 65% of users, has more weight than great publicity. Not only that, 42% of users is willing to pay more for this experience. Users pay a premium of 16% for great experiences and seem very happy to do so.

3) What Happens When The User Experience Goes Wrong?

What happens when a contact center does not provide agents with the right tools, training and technology? The answer is simple: that attention to users can be affected negatively.

What is needed to stop users from working with an organization?

  • 32% say they stopped buying from a company after only a bad experience.
  • 59% explain that they stopped buying at a company after several bad experiences.
  • 46% say they stopped buying from a company because of poor employee training.
  • Only 38% of users say that employees understand their needs. This leaves a lot of room for improvement in customer service by the contact centers. 
4) How Can Contact Centers Make Sure Users Have A Good Experience?

The call center solution in the cloud is the best option. masvoz has professional telephone assistance software in the cloud with specialized modules for receiving and issuing calls, managing campaigns and generating reports. The Cloud Contact Center solution combines the effectiveness of a contact center platform with the versatility of cloud services. It is a choice for calls centers that seek results without sacrificing efficiency.

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