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4 Tips To Improve The User Experience In A Call Center

4 Tips To Improve The User Experience In A Call Center
  12/02/2019 08:02

Improving the processes of a call center can be complex, but the results will always be worth it. For this, it is necessary to implement some practices through which you can see notable changes in the commitment of its agents with customers.

4 Tips To Improve The User Experience In A Call Center
1) Segment Customers

With the help of an IVR (interactive voice response) and an automatic bookmark, customers can be segmented according to the problems they face or the queries they wish to make. The IVR helps clients solve their own minor queries through the use of automated information that can be stored and accessed thanks to the cloud infrastructure maintained by the company.

In addition, improving the routing of the IVR will allow the automatic dialer to match the correct type of clients with the most appropriate agents in the contact center. This will improve customer satisfaction and user experience by getting the right information from the right person and will also improve the job satisfaction of the customer service center, as they transmit the correct information to customers at all times.

2) Evaluate Performance And Promote The Empowerment Of Agents

Now, since we are talking about routing the right calls to the right agent, how can it be evaluated if the completed task was completed correctly? This can be driven by performance management software that can track and evaluate the performance of each agent in real time.

According to consulting firm McKinsey, a performance management tool will help identify the best performer with greater accuracy than real-world evidence can show. Eventually, this will help improve the user experience.

3) Convert Customer Comments Into Tips To Improve Performance

Focusing only on agents is not going to be enough to improve performance. The improvement can also come from outside the company, for example, from the users themselves, who can be the best source of honest and reliable comments.

Generally, during online surveys or feedback tests, users tend to be more honest about their experiences, while others choose to ignore the test itself. Therefore, the information generated from these tests and surveys can be used to improve the user experience.

4) Minimize Waiting Times During Calls

No user likes to be put on hold for too long, especially when calling customer service. Minimizing the waiting time during calls is a necessity, and a call center should focus on it. Users usually do not realize the complexity of their problems or queries and always want answers and instant solutions.

Shortening the waiting time can be difficult, but it is not impossible. According to the Huffington Post, about 85% of callers are frustrated if the agent does not have the information they need. To minimize this problem, agents could have access to a cloud infrastructure that contains all the relevant data so they can answer the question more quickly. This will save both the agent and the client time, since the data will be available instantly, thus improving the user experience.

In conclusion, thanks to advanced IVR software, a better user experience can be offered. “Offer the user the option to use the DTMF keyboard, say a keyword from a list, or respond with natural language, in multiple languages. The IVR service automatically directs calls to the team, department or appropriate person to offer the best response,” explains Alfred Nesweda, CEO of masvoz.

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