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5 Tips To Improve The User and Agents’ Experience Through Automation

5 Tips To Improve The User and Agents’ Experience Through Automation
  11/06/2019 16:06

When it comes to improving the user experience, automation technology has an important role. In addition, it is one of the main investment priorities of call centers for 2019, since it is important to automate simple tasks so that agents can focus on complex queries. Automation consists of increasing, not eliminating, the human agent.

What simple tasks should be automated? What does it mean to increase agent performance? What types of automation technology are the most appropriate for call centers to meet their objectives? How does automation impact on the outsourcing strategy?

According to a report from CCW Digital, an automation solution is responsible for producing results. The value of this depends on its ability to create a more efficient and user-centered contact center.

Since effectiveness depends on the strategy with which the organization selects, implements and optimizes its tools, no automation solution can guarantee a significant impact. There are, however, several cases that provide a greater chance of success. As organizations build and define their automation strategies, they benefit from considering each of these opportunities.

5 Tips To Improve The User and Agents’ Experience Through Automation
1) Data Entry And Document Management

Whether to complete a document, submit a claim, notify comments, record a call or update a user’s profile, the time spent on this internal data entry, is the time when an agent cannot sustain a meaningful conversation with the user.

It is not simply inefficient it is also ineffective. Agents always run the risk of making mistakes when they enter data, and these failures could have significant consequences for the company and the user experience. Therefore, this task should be automated.

By automating data reporting and document processing, the organization increases the accuracy of internal communication, reduces problems with user forms and documents, and creates a more productive environment for agents.

2) Data Processing On Demand

Agents require internal information to better perform their jobs. The problem is that this information is not always easy to find. In some cases, it may be impossible to obtain, at least in a form that is actionable for the agent.

Automation solutions address this challenge. Functioning as on-demand data processors, they help agents to collect more quickly the information needed to make decisions centered on the user.

3) Virtual Assistant For Agents

Data entry is not the only task that blocks agents. On any given business day, agents also spend time escalating certain issues, evaluating call performance, receiving training, and managing programming.

Virtual assistants controlled by artificial intelligence (AI) can also successfully automate these tasks. Integration with CRM or ERP systems allows an agent to instantly perform most (if not all) of tasks that do not involve interaction with users.

4) Calling Guide For Agents

Automation solutions not only help agents spend more time on high-value tasks; they also make agents better at those tasks.

Thanks to AI, modern automation solutions can guide agents to make the best call decisions. The effectiveness of these tools depends on the data framework. If the automation solution does not have uninterrupted access to user data on all channels, it cannot be accurate.

5) Chatbot For Customers

Chatbots are a very valuable opportunity for contact centers. Users ask for fast and accurate support experiences on every imaginable channel. The bots directly satisfy that demand by offering a more robust self-service experience across all channels, and indirectly demand through the collection of relevant data delivered to agents live. To take advantage of these opportunities, organizations must evaluate the user experience trips in detail.

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