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6 Key Benefits of Integrating Your Corporate CRM into Your Contact Center

6 Key Benefits of Integrating Your Corporate CRM into Your Contact Center
  06/10/2021 11:10

Today, understanding customers requires more than listening to their feedback or solving a single problem. To stay competitive, companies need a 360-degree view of their customers – their entire history with the brand, from purchases to service requests.

According to experts, CRM software solutions play a fundamental role in the success of the call center, as processes are simplified and the focus can shift to optimizing sales and service in a more efficient way.

6 Key Benefits of Integrating Your Corporate CRM into Your Contact Center
1) Improved Data Access

With a CRM solution, agents have full access to a customer’s data, which is centrally organized with personal contact information and purchase and service history. This makes it easier for agents to interact with customers in a personalized way with greater possibilities of first call / contact resolution (FCR). 

2) Greater Communication and Responsibility

As a centralized database, CRM enables employees in all departments to share accurate information about customers through updates that can be viewed, for example, by the sales team.

Therefore, the benefits of CRM include increased accountability, as each employee can understand competencies in customer service and sales processes and be accountable for both successes and weaknesses in the customer lifecycle.

3) Improved Overall Efficiency

The benefits of CRM include increased efficiency in the contact center. In addition to improved communication between departments, agents can respond more quickly to customers by eliminating the need for manual processes and fact checking.

Likewise, a CRM database can help marketing managers better understand user needs based on purchase history to create targeted campaigns, retaining current customers and attracting new ones through effective management of potentials ones.

4) Increase in Sales

Sales associates can manage current customers by managing pre-sale inquiries, accessing transaction history, processing orders, issuing credits or verifying warranties, and handling after-sales services. They can also participate in cross selling, as the sales history in the database will provide valuable information on customers’ buying habits and preferences, which is ideal for promoting additional products or services.

5) Cost Reduction

Increased efficiency translates to lower contact center costs as less time and resources are required to manage customer interactions. In addition, call centers that use a predictive dialing solution with CRM integration reduce costs. Such solutions automate and capture all call activity directly into the CRM for better lead management, tracking optimal times to call customers, and providing valuable real-time metrics and KPIs that can improve sales and marketing strategies without requiring expensive telecom hardware or additional integration.

6) Superior Customer Experience

When agents deliver punctuality, accurate information, and a personalized touch, the stage is set for a great customer experience. Therefore, the CRM benefits of streamlined data management and efficiency foster greater brand loyalty and customer retention. A CRM database is also an ideal solution to record and analyze user comments about products or services.

Such feedback is important to understand customer needs and create more meaningful experiences for them. The benefits of CRM are numerous, but the overall efficiency of the solution coupled with its potential to drive sales and customer satisfaction make it essential to running a successful call center today.

An Example of It

In the case of masvoz, its Cloud Contact Center service is easily integrated with leading CRM and ticketing solutions in the market (Salesforce, Zendesk, Kustomer and Microsoft Dynamics 365) so that agents have all the information they need from customers in one only tool, at all times.

With masvoz’s Cloud Contact Center integrated into your CRM, your company will have a powerful combination of telephony and CRM that works better together. Allow agents to click to place a call from the CRM desktop, increase their productivity, improve the user experience, and give your organization a competitive advantage.

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