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6 Key Business Mobility Trends In 2019

6 Key Business Mobility Trends In 2019
  12/03/2019 07:03

Technology and mobile devices have transformed our work and personal lives. With continuous transformation and advancement, our work, interaction and entertainment standards have changed. Even companies, regardless of their size, have changed due to the use of mobile phones. All organizations are taking advantage of enterprise mobility technology.

Good management of business mobility can generate solutions that increase your productivity and communication.

Business mobility is essential for the growth of an organization. It has become a great trend that includes user satisfaction, commitment and mobilization of the workforce.

Business mobility technology includes devices, workers and data, and increases employee productivity and efficiency.

Thanks to greater efficiency, it provides a good return on investment (ROI) and greater competitiveness. But to evolve, companies will have to adopt business mobility trends.

6 Key Business Mobility Trends In 2019 
1) Increase In The Use Of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Employees to increase the efficiency of their work use mobile devices. Therefore, the new features are being integrated into mobile technology to improve the functionalities of the devices and help users. Advanced features include artificial intelligence assistants, which handle many functions for the user with just one voice command.

By 2019, AI technology will become more popular and many companies will use it to reduce the most routine human tasks. Thus, employees will have enough time to work more important tasks and greater added value for organizations.

Just as users use voice assistants, employees will be able to adopt this technology in business applications for various platforms that run on different operating systems. This will help them work efficiently and effectively. For this reason, many companies have already started using technology that uses IA.

2) Greater Use Of IoT To Boost Growth

Another trend of business mobility is the adoption of IoT by companies to connect to the various IoT devices used in different fields. The Internet of Things refers to connected “things” where things can be machines, animals and even humans.

According to a survey, mobile phones are the largest group of connected devices.

Considering the cost of the connection for the decrease of broadband and the increase of WiFi compatible devices, IoT will grow a lot. The potential of this technology is enormous and will help public institutions, companies and users to connect and control the IoT devices. In the coming years, the demand for IoT will increase in companies, depending on it to store and collect data. Organizations will use this technology to make important decisions that will greatly influence business mobility technology.

3) Migration To The Cloud

Another technological trend of business mobility that will gain popularity in 2019 is a migration of data to the cloud. In this way, the use of cloud storage for important data will increase. Most companies have a large amount of data of different nature. They store data related to work, the user, employees, etc. With the development of mobile technology, the dependence of companies on mobile phones has increased. But they do not have enough storage to store data.

Therefore, to store the large amount of data, the cloud is the best option. The best part of migrating business data to the cloud is that employees can use, access and store data from anywhere in the world. All they need is a good Internet connection and, in this way, they already have access to user information to better serve them.

4) Security Models Will Change Positively

With the trend of employees bringing their own devices to the offices (BYOD), it is very important to improve security measures. A breach of security is a threat of high priority for businesses, and they need measures to overcome it. The data of any organization is its most precious possession, and they need to protect it at any cost. The best way to maintain data security is through a multilayer security model. This model is difficult to break or hack and can keep the data safe.

5) Service Based On Location Will Increase

Users increasingly use mobile technology for daily use. They even use their devices to search for local businesses or services. With the help of GPS and advanced search engines, it is possible to find the services closest to the user’s location.

If business applications are focused on GPS tracking and search engine optimization, companies will definitely make a profit.

6) Employees Will Bring Their Own Device (BYOD)

Another of the great trends of business mobility in 2019 is the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD), that is, employees will bring their own mobile devices to work. Many companies are adopting this trend in which they ask workers to bring their own phones, tablets and laptops. This trend helps reduce costs in the company.

The only problem here is that employees will not have applications and business software. Even the software level may not match that of the company. The solution to this problem is simple: install enterprise-level applications and software on an employee’s personal device. In addition to adopting advanced security measures if they implement this trend for data security.

One of the solutions provided by masvoz in this sense is the Bizphone app, which goes a step further towards the convenience and effectiveness of the telephone as a work tool. It is a business telephone, with its number, expenses and independent functionalities; within the own telephone of the user.

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