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7 Key Trends That Will Change The Workplace In 2020

7 Key Trends That Will Change The Workplace In 2020
  21/08/2018 08:08

Nowadays, many companies are experiencing a digital transformation. Artificial intelligence, the cloud, mobile devices and greater automation have given them the ability to transform all aspects of their business. The use of technology and the digitalization of each sector will have a fundamental impact on the trends of 2020 in the workplace. In fact, according to Forrester, more than 47% of executives believe that by 2020, technology will have an impact on future labor trends.

The workplace in 2020 will be, globally, less centralized, extremely mobile and more flexible. In the future, you can easily telecommute without having to physically report to the office. Even more interesting, the future workplace will be more virtual, and there will be tools to monitor whether the employees are really working or not.

Workplace trends in 2020 will be accelerated by faster adoption of mobile technology, and the office will not need to be in a fixed location. As the self-employed are the segment of the fastest growing economy, companies will depend on subcontracted labor for high and low qualification jobs. In addition, according to experts, robots will replace the low-skilled personnel.

Millennials And Z Generation

Millennial and Z Generation employees will characterize future trends in the workplace. These generations need autonomy and flexibility, which will define future trends in the workplace. What this means is that the culture of the workplace will be as important as the salary and benefits.

As companies become more digital, the same must be said of human resources departments with a vision of the future that will have to be transformed in order to offer employees experiences that are focused on the human being, personalized and attractive.

Being digital and focused on employees will require believing in the power to take advantage of the latest consumer technologies within human resources. These are the 7 key trends that will change the workplace in 2020:

1. Create A Great Employee Experience

The experience of the employee is very important for the success of a company. Making the workplace a satisfying experience will allow you to incorporate your culture and values into your work and use it to recruit and retain the best talent. Organizations will have to develop an employee experience that considers the physical environment in which they work, as well as the technologies and tools that will enable productivity.

2. Use An Agile Approach To Recruit Employees

An agile approach is mainly used in software development to help companies operate at speed, and be able to manage unpredictability, but it also applies to the recruitment and development of employees and their skills. In the workplace of 2020, companies will have to use this approach to facilitate employee learning in all aspects of the business.

3. Create Spaces That Promote Culture

In addition to creating flexible and mobile workspaces, in 2020 the total adaptability will be guaranteed to retain the best talents. A Steelcase report indicates that employees who have control over where and how they work, and who are free to choose a workspace that fits their task, collaborative or focused, are 88% more engaged in the job.

4. Apply A Consumer-marketing Goal To HR

In the current digital age, almost all the interactions we have with tools, customers or even team members generate data. Future trends in the workplace will focus on collecting, assimilating, rationalizing and analyzing data. Then, organizations must take measures to act on the resulting analysis with the objective of modifying or improving their strategies so that they are more effective.

5. Introduction Of Pilot Chatbots In HR

According to IDC, artificial intelligence is a large market that will increase to 47 billion dollars by 2020. Companies will have to create bots designed to offer personalized conversational experiences online.

Automation will seep into more aspects of work and personal life. Therefore, it will be difficult to differentiate what a person or a machine is doing. The fundamental nature of how people work will be completely transformed, and we will have to work more intelligently to offer effective solutions quickly and accurately.

6. Prepare For New Roles In Human Resources

There will be fundamental changes in human resources by the year 2020. Companies will have to create a more personalized experience of employees with artificial intelligence technology. Several HR roles will become more specialized and technical.

7. Focus On Team Development

Although human resources departments have traditionally focused on individual employees, by 2020, the development of teams that can work together effectively will become the highest priority for most organizations.

For the HR dynamic in 2020, the objective will be to educate people about how to collaborate effectively with their team members, and learn to contribute to projects by making group contributions instead of individual contributions.

Looking To The Future

To help organizations move towards the future labor trends, it will be important to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the company, look for opportunities to integrate technology and have clearly defined goals and objectives.

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