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8 Customer Experience Trends For 2020

8 Customer Experience Trends For 2020
  13/01/2020 20:01

According to one study, improving the customer experience can help a company with an annual turnover of 1 billion dollars to increase its profits by 823 million dollars over a period of 3 years. Currently, organizations are working to make this experience smooth, rewarding and enjoyable for their users. In addition, they continue to investigate how customer experiences can be improved to meet their expectations.

Trends and predictions of the customer experience for 2020 include, for example, the combination of advanced marketing technology with an appropriate strategy. It will also be important to adopt innovations that make businesses more focused on users.

8 Customer Experience Trends For 2020
1) Customer Experience Will Be Driven By AI

Artificial Intelligence will be used to enrich the customer experience. Search engines will be integrated with all communication channels to further improve agent efficiency, thus optimizing the quality of interactions.

Automate routine interactions will allow users to solve basic queries without the support of an agent. But if they are not satisfied with self-service, AI can intelligently correlate calls to a trained agent with access to customer history. Also, with AI bots, it is possible to provide a more consistent and accurate response across all channels.

2) Anticipate User Movements With Analytics

In 2020, predictive technology will be widely used to analyze real-time conversations, recorded calls, social media interactions, emails or chats to eliminate the need to review transaction history. This way you can create a user profile that analyzes your behavior and preferences. This will help to obtain information about customer buying patterns.

3) Enrich The Customer Experience Through Local Agents

With the growth of the Internet, the world has become a single market. Even small businesses can promote their products anywhere. This phenomenon has increased the demand for additional agents in all time zones and locations.

Cloud Contact Center is one of the growing trends in customer experience. It offers an excellent way to have support in different locations, improving user satisfaction with the help of local agents that can interact in your language.

4) Offer Experiences Through Digital Transformation

As the world is moving towards a digital era, companies have to digitalize the user experience. According to the prediction about the future of the customer experience, more and more companies of products and services will undergo a complete digital transformation in 2020. In addition, organizations will strive to measure the effectiveness of digitalization at different points of the customer journey.

5) Facilitate Self-service

A report by the Nuance company indicates that 75% of users believe that self-service is more suitable for solving simple queries, and 67% of them prefer to use it instead of talking to an agent. In the future, most call centers will use tools such as frequently asked questions and will invest in technologies such as automatic operators and prerecorded IVR messages to improve the customer experience.

6) Enable Voice Technology

In 2020, contact centers will meet the needs of users and improve their experience through voice technology. Traditional chatbots will soon give way to smart bots that work with voice recognition. In this way, responding to inquiries related to products or services, guiding users to relevant pages and presenting additional sales opportunities will be easier for companies.

Voice-based technology will also help visually impaired users to interact with a brand through a digitally connected experience. There are even companies that are thinking of launching personalized voice-based marketing campaigns for each user.

7) Improve Experiences Through Omnichannel

An omnichannel experience makes it easy to track user needs. For customers, this will amount to a more rewarding shopping experience. Understanding the user’s needs in a consistent and accurate way will help companies create the kind of experience that drives their loyalty.

8) Improve The Customer Experience Through Transparency

Companies with a transparent philosophy inspire confidence in users and this greatly contributes to generating loyalty. To generate transparency, organizations will show aspects such as their work culture and employee satisfaction levels, among others.

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