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8 Steps To Improve Call Center Engagement

8 Steps To Improve Call Center Engagement
  12/02/2020 10:02

According to a study, approximately half of users would like contact centers to provide them with better quality telephone service, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

The improvement of user satisfaction is directly related to agents. Therefore, companies must carry out activities that improve the participation and commitment in the call center by employees.

Therefore, given the competitive nature of the industry, supervisors must be creative and implement certain types of programs that drive agents’ commitment in the call center. Ultimately, these activities and initiatives should be aimed at improving user satisfaction and developing success to achieve excellence in customer service.

These types of programs are established by connecting the roles of the agents with the activities to increase the effectiveness of their responsibilities and, at the same time, improve morale so that they always offer the highest quality in telephone service.

8 Steps To Improve Call Center Engagement
1) Institute Reward Systems And Gamification Incentives

Gamification can be an excellent means to motivate agents. Positive reinforcement through rewarding achievements can be a powerful instrument to keep them happy. For this reason, gamification could treat your daily tasks in an entertaining and enriching way. According to the investigation, agents handle customer service commitments with greater precision and optimism when they reach their goals. Gamification can also induce healthy competition among agents, allowing them to share best practices as peers. It can also be a place for them to learn from each other while optimizing their performance.

2) Give Agents A Sense Of Purpose

To deliver the best, employees must feel empowered. They need to know that they are valued and that their opinions are important. Therefore, it is important to take the necessary time to know what they feel, organizing meetings and individual sessions. Sharing the values and missions of the brand, involves the agents in the improvement plans.

3) Establish An Open Communication

Asking employees for their comments, it helps them express their frustrations and enjoy their daily interactions with users. These opinions can help to obtain a great amount of knowledge about the behavior of the users and to establish good practices to improve the interactions of the service. Some of the conclusions that can be drawn from establishing open communication with agents to improve user satisfaction are: review customer service surveys, improve call attention scripts, optimize agent training processes, or change several offers and services, among others. If supervisors request these comments frequently, agents will acquire a sense of belonging and will be successfully involved with the brand.

4) Optimize The Workspace

The call center environment can be toxic due to the intense daily activity. Therefore, the workspace must be optimized to increase employee productivity and comfort. Installing a room where they can socialize during downtime, or use open and collaborative spaces for training and meeting purposes can be good options. It is also key to ensure that the chairs are ergonomic, provide a well-lit and ventilated workspace, use natural lighting, warm colors and plants, etc. These are proven ways to make people increase their performance and improve their mood and creativity.

5) Provide Certifications, Seminars And Appropriate Training

If agents know that the company invests in its growth, they tend to try harder and do their best. If they are allowed to boost their careers to success, agents will work harder to deliver the quality of work expected of them. For this, it is important to give them the necessary training on the latest technology to master new tools. In addition, you have to invest in advanced software solutions with faster and more efficient features that allow you to fulfill your commitment to users.

6) Cultivate Flexibility And Creativity

One of the challenges in call centers is that agents often feel isolated, even when they are in a room with more people, as there is little interaction within the workplace. Structured levels that limit their decision making, creating a negative commitment, and increasing the turnover of agents experiencing contact centers further worsen this.

Therefore, agents should be encouraged to be creative in their daily tasks. Instead of forcing them to follow scripts, they should be allowed to have flexibility in user management, allowing them to perform their tasks with a personal touch, without compromising quality. In this way, they get a personal connection to their homework and are attracted to the customer service they provide.

7) Allow Agents To Build Their Own Processes

Human nature motivates us to nurture and fight for what we build and believe. Fostering user engagement so that agents can manifest their creative process when designing and evaluating their tasks is key to success. Therefore, it is necessary to create workflows, systems and processes that adapt well to your system, provided they are aligned with the organization’s standard policies and guidelines.

8) Perfect The Analytical Mentality

It is always better to develop the agents’ capacity to understand so that they can thrive in any environment despite the challenges, allowing their personal growth and development. Employees who are trained to think in different dimensions seek answers and solutions to user queries and problems. Their continuous progress will allow them to explore the right opportunities for them, which will develop future leaders in the company.

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