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9 Tips To Provide Excellent Customer Service In The Retail Sector

9 Tips To Provide Excellent Customer Service In The Retail Sector
  06/10/2020 09:10

In retail, sales are everything. And while it’s important to sell your products, what’s even more crucial is how you treat your customers. Today, the customer experience is the determining factor in users’ decision to remain loyal or simply move on to the competition.

According to a study by SuperOffice, customer experience will outperform price and product as a key brand differentiator, with 86% of people paying more for a better customer experience.

So obviously everything revolves around the CX. Well-trained and understanding employees with good communication skills lead to a satisfying customer experience.

What Is Retail Customer Service?

Retail customer service is all about providing the perfect CX at every point of contact. That includes immediately answering their questions and helping them resolve any issues or queries.

The goal is to assure the customer that the company cares about more than just closing the deal; you also want to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

9 Tips To Provide Excellent Customer Service In The Retail Sector
1) Train All Employees

To offer excellent retail customer service (retail sector), you need well-trained staff. By training employees in new ways of delivering customer service, there is greater interaction between sales people and customers. The chances of getting positive reviews and achieving customer loyalty are also improved.

All employees must understand and appreciate the importance of customer service. They must understand that even when something is “not their job,” they must tell the customer what the next step is to resolve their problem or query.

2) Put Yourself In The Shoes Of Your Customers

Trying to imagine yourself in the client’s position in each situation will help to understand their wishes and demands. After all, an employee is also a customer, and as such, you wouldn’t want to have a negative shopping experience, right? Especially since people tend to focus on negative experiences rather than positive ones. Applying this comprehensive strategy helps you achieve the best retail experience imaginable.

Is the customer looking for something for a special occasion? Or maybe something for everyday use? Any recommendation you can give them will definitely be helpful! This is why great communication skills play an important role in customer service. Because the more you relate to your clients and their emotional needs, the better experience they will have.

3) Use Open Questions

Turn “Yes” or “No” questions into more constructive and open-ended questions. Instead of asking the customer, “Can I help you?” ask the question, “How can I help you today?” In this way, more valuable information will be obtained and will get out of the closed circle of “yes” or “no”. It will show that there is more interest in customers and by leading them to a more useful response, you will get:

a) A satisfied customer.

b) A returning customer.

c) A loyal customer.

d) Big sales + even bigger future sales.

7) Avoid Saying “I don’t know”

What customers really hear when an agent says, “I don’t know” is “I don’t care.” That is something that no customer service employee should ever say. For your company, it is best to help people, not push them away. Instead, it’s better to say something like “Let me take a look, I’ll be right back,” and then do your best to move on. If an agent is finding it difficult to resolve a problem, it is best to speak with a supervisor who knows how to help you.

8) Always Give Thanks

It is imperative to thank customers after making a purchase. But saying thank you is something most companies forget. If a customer is willing to make a big purchase from your store, it means that they are very likely to return. And that’s the type of customer you definitely want to keep. Trying to send them a personalized email, a thank you note, or a special discount can increase their loyalty and satisfaction.

9) Be Nice And Smile

Emotions play an important role in the overall customer experience. Companies that lose sight of that fact tend to lose customers. Keep in mind that people know when they are putting on a fake smile, when they are in a bad mood or upset. It will shock them, so those emotions should be avoided at all costs.

Being more understanding will help employees create a more welcoming environment for customers.

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