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A Single WhatsApp Message and the Possibility of Customer Loyalty Forever

A Single WhatsApp Message and the Possibility of Customer Loyalty Forever
  28/07/2021 18:07

Nowadays, brands interact with their consumers on social networks is nothing new. And it is that companies, thanks to the rise of social networks, observed that as their popularity grew and that customers were more active in these channels, the need to adapt the response format and the tone used was generated in communication with users.

This adaptation towards a more social language, and a shorter response time, in many cases almost instantaneous, companies understood that they had to work towards an omnichannel communication strategy that included instant messaging applications and allowed to increase not only their sales flow, but also customer loyalty.

Faced with this scenario, tools such as WhatsApp Business become a key pillar within the strategy, for reasons such as the growth in use of the application among consumers. In fact, only in Spain, the use of WhatsApp grew 76% during the last year, according to data from Kantar. Its use allows offering the consumer a real-time service and exchanging information that other channels do not allow, such as audios, images, or documents. A usability that has made the branch dedicated to companies grow, thanks to the API version, with more than 5 million companies.

Now the user is a hyperconnected and demands channel that provides immediacy, as well as sharing information in different formats. You can see how brands have gone from commercials, with a serious and informative tone, to being friendly, and to responding instantly. In this sense, companies are aware of the opportunities offered by social networks to increase business, but they have to use them in such a way that the customer interacts, in such a way as to enhance the company’s omnichannel communication strategy and the loyalty of the company.

According to the study “Uses, evolution and trends in loyalty strategies”, prepared by ESIC Corporate Education, for 89% of those responsible for the loyalty strategy of companies, the direct relationship with the consumer through social networks is the main element to achieve the objective of customer loyalty.

Regarding customer service, to optimize the experience, strategies must be developed in which communication channels, such as WhatsApp, are the center, as has been developed over the last year. In fact, according to a Nielsen study, customers feel comfortable using the app, as confirmed by 53% of respondents, who indicated that they would prefer to do business with a company to which they can send messages directly. For this reason, organizations have worked on a fast and efficient customer experience where a large majority have integrated WhatsApp within the cloud contact center, in a way that allows them to answer messages and calls from a single place, centralize communications, optimize the agents’ work and the consumer’s own time.

“During the last months we have observed how the clients of different companies demanded direct communication with the company, especially among younger users, who for them the use of WhatsApp is part of their day to day. For this reason, companies have been driven towards changing the way they communicate with customers and integrating services like WhatsApp, as it really facilitates two-way communications. This messaging app is not only a great platform to reach customers, but they themselves already expect WhatsApp to be one more way to communicate with the company,” explains Nacho Ginés, Product Manager at masvoz.

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