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Call Center Analytics: 5 Keys To Success

Call Center Analytics: 5 Keys To Success
  18/06/2019 08:06

The analysis of the user-centered call center data can reveal valuable information. There are five elements that are the main requirements necessary to be successful when developing contact center analytics. Therefore, it is essential that the customer service centers have established a roadmap for data analysis. If this roadmap attempts to be omitted or is not well prepared, results that can add value to improve the contact center figures will not be obtained.

Call Center Analytics: 5 Keys To Success
1) Commitment At Executive Level About What Is The Analysis Of The Call Center

Contact center leaders must know how to evaluate the user experience through their interactions with agents. Therefore, it is necessary to determine and pre-establish expectations about the analytics of the call centers and define which are the most important and valuable metrics and KPIs to be taken into account, to be extracted by means of reports and statistics about the contact center that allow to make contrasted decisions and safe.

Intelligence tools for call centers that allow analyzing work volume, service level or team performance, facilitate the improvement of decision making through reports by service, reports by agents, detail of managed calls, result reports of surveys or management of reports grouped by time, geography or line.

The call center analysis is a quantitative representation that provides a higher-level perspective based on qualitative data. It is about understanding the trends, the root causes and the excellence in the service throughout the process of interaction with users, which allows identifying the corresponding challenges and opportunities. For example: it can be used to understand a representation of experience; obtain an instantaneous reproduction in time of the user’s voice; and help determine their sentiment by collecting direct comments on quantifiable segments based on qualitative sentiment.

2) Willingness To Evaluate And Act On The Results Of The Analytics

Call center analytics is a very valuable tool that can force supervisors to monitor more closely the type of experience that agents offer to users.

Further training of the team and its skill sets serve to improve the future experiences of the users.

3) Receptivity To Change

Using analytics to examine the call center from the external perspective is the only way to experience the journey that is delivered to users and see it through their eyes. This analysis will reveal negative and positive feelings of users and viable opportunities to redefine excellence in service.

In addition, it is important for supervisors to spend time explaining “why” to agents and staff: what are we using the call center analysis for, how will it benefit long-term users, or how will it facilitate or improve their work.

4) Establishment Of A Figure Focused On The Analytics Of The Call Center

This person, standard-bearer of the analysis in the contact center and expert in listening to the voice of the user, should have a profile that meets the following requirements:

  • Former call center agent and / or workforce analyst.
  • It includes the operations of the call center and the business in general.
  • Understands basic and advanced data management principles.
  • Tell excellent stories that use tangible analogies and creative visualizations for the team.
  • Have strong psychological skills.
  • It is excellent with numbers.
  • You can collaborate successfully in different teams and departments.
  • His peers see him as a leader.
5) Changes For A Bigger And More Sustainable Success

To ensure that the implementation of changes in the team influences and has a great impact on the results of the call center analytics, they must be implemented little by little. It is convenient to apply the smallest changes first and then the biggest ones. In this way it will be easier for agents to internally accept the changes so that they gain momentum.

Likewise, it is important to deploy the appropriate technology platform to enhance the changes in the call center analysis.

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