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How Does Transparency Empower Agents Through Quality Management In The Cloud?

How Does Transparency Empower Agents Through Quality Management In The Cloud?
  23/05/2019 09:05

According to a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, a quarter of call center employees said they “do not fully trust” their company, and only half said their organization was “open and honest” with them.

Numerous studies affirm the importance of sharing information to train employees, but why is it so difficult to do it well? In the call center, it can be a challenge to give agents timely advice on their interactions with users. This can make workers feel disconnected from the quality process, including their performance reviews, training and ability to learn and grow in their roles.

Used intelligently, transparency is a powerful tool, since it can improve the performance of a company and the well-being of its employees. Some contact center leaders are breaking the information barrier using new automated tools that allow agents to stay informed not only about their own performance, but also that of other agents.

These solutions allow the agents to visualize the priorities of the team and their position in relation to the objectives, review interactions and evaluations, and initiate the learning. The cloud has made it easier for organizations of all sizes to access and use these tools to obtain three key benefits of transparency in the call center:

1) Transparency Can Align Employees In A Common Goal

Call centers cannot assume that agents understand the role they play in achieving the organization’s objectives. Only 47% of employees confirm that they can relate their work to the results of the company. By allowing transparency in the organization, agents can see the effect that their daily work has on the company’s objectives, a motivating factor to improve performance. It can also have a significant impact by changing the way teams work together.

2) Transparency Can Help Agents Improve

A coaching culture is highly correlated with the performance of the business, the commitment of the employees and the retention of talent. However, a recent Gallup study found that only 27% of workers feel that the feedback they receive at work helps them to improve.

Enabling agents to review performance, evaluations and interaction data, plus complete the evaluations initiated by supervisors, gives them more training. With access to this data, employees can review areas for improvement and adjust day by day instead of waiting for a performance review.

There is a clear benefit in granting agents access to contact center materials, such as knowledge bases and best practices. Most research on commitment shows that learning opportunities and professional development are key factors for employee satisfaction.

3) The Automation Of Quality Management In The Cloud Helps Create A Transparent Environment

A key innovation that can help quality managers achieve a highly desirable “library of professional development resources” is the cloud. By deploying cloud-based solutions, quality managers can centralize the information that agents need to self-correct and align with their organization’s objectives as needed.

The automation of quality management in the cloud can help a company to create a transparent environment, effectively engaging agents and training them to correct themselves and improve user service. By increasing the flow of information and by providing access to performance reviews and knowledge base materials, quality managers break barriers to improve agent performance and help the team working together towards management objectives of quality.

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