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How To Reinforce A Call Center During A Pandemic

How To Reinforce A Call Center During A Pandemic
  06/04/2020 18:04

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented disruption in industries around the world, and the customer service center sector is no exception. Contact centers are seeing spikes in call volume and are looking for solutions to keep agents safe and productive right now, as well as long-term strategies that ensure their call center is ready for any future crisis.

masvoz solutions can be used remotely, allowing agents to telecommute seamlessly and provide a quality, personalized experience to their customers virtually.

There are still many questions about what the future holds, but it is clear that having the ability to complement live agents with remote or even virtual agents can be beneficial in times of crisis.

What Are The Ways In Which A Call Center Can Be Reinforced During This Pandemic And In The Future If The Need Arises?
1) Hire A BPO Or An External Provider To Handle The Spike In Calls

Many of the traditional benefits of a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) or an external provider can also be applied during a time of crisis. BPOs allow us to offer continuous support regardless of what is happening with the agents of the internal contact center. They are equipped to handle crisis situations because they have advanced cloud technology and established tools to manage calls during an increase in call volume or less agent availability. In addition, BPOs can also offer advisory assistance. They are professionals when it comes to customer service and you can lean on them for best practices in any type of situation.

2) Implement Own Teleworking Solutions

At masvoz, in this exceptional situation, we offer our Virtual PBX, Cloud Contact Center and Enreach meetings services free of charge to guarantee continuity in the activity of organizations. In this way, workers can continue developing their professional activity without leaving home.

The Virtual PBX allows employees to use the company lines from anywhere, with an Internet connection, thus limiting the spread of the virus and the effects on the company.

The Cloud Contact Center makes it easier for companies’ customer service teams to continue working from home as if they were in the office.

Enreach meetings allows video conferences from the browser. In this way, the equipment can be connected from any place and device.

There are many benefits to having a remote workforce, including greater continuity in times of crisis, reduced overload, a better work-life balance, talent retention, and increased productivity. In fact, in a 2013 study by Stanford, call center employees who volunteered to work from home saw their productivity increase by 13%. This increase was attributed to working more minutes per hour due to fewer breaks and sick days (9%) and more calls per minute due to a quieter workplace (4%). In addition to the typical benefits, there is an added benefit during the COVID-19 pandemic, because implementing social distancing protects agents.

3) Virtual Agents: Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Bots

An additional way to reinforce live agents is to add additional virtual agents using AI and bots. If there is an increase in calls, bots can be implemented to handle easier transactions or even make a conversational IVR help customers with simple queries. In times of crisis, users want quick responses, and the implementation of AI and bots can help the company meet the high demand for queries.

4) Self-service Options

Similar to bot and AI deployment, self-service options allow customers to solve their problems without human intervention. By having a functioning website, FAQ page, or live chat, you can reduce the number of calls and allow users to resolve their queries 24/7/365.

What Questions Should Companies Ask Themselves About Possible Future Crises?
  • Do I need cloud technology in order to implement my own remote call center?
  • Should I consider allowing agents to work from home year-round? Or set up trial periods and virtual training sessions?
  • How will communication models with work from home agents change?
  • What is our telework protocol to follow in the event of a pandemic?
  • Do we have BPO partners in place that we can lean on when needed?
  • Do we have partnerships with our technology providers that can advise us on best practices in times of crisis?

masvoz is a telephony operator for companies that provides solutions, service and added value to its clients. We are pioneers and specialists in cloud telephony, with more than 18 years of experience in communications services for companies. More than 1,500 customers trust our Smart Phone solutions every day. And through our contact center solutions we manage more than 500,000 calls a day.

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