Smart contact center

10/05/2016 10:05

Top 10 customer trends in 2016

Good quality customer service is one of the essential aspects to ensure maximum satisfaction, loyalty and, consequently, a better course of business. Increasingly it conscious companies invest part of their budget on the introduction of new tools that facilitate and optimize customer satisfaction/customer, either before, during or after the process.

05/05/2016 10:05

Contact Centers, the human factor of ecommerce

Services or customer contact centers arise at the obvious need to provide users with a multichannel experience to facilitate and achieve a personal, prompt and professional communication. Thus, his encounter with the eCommerce involves the key boost sales by a logical and simple reason: humanize electronic commerce.

28/04/2016 10:04

Customer service, key to consumer loyalty

A recent study by Accenture found that poor customer service leads to more than half of the users to switch companies, while the vast majority prefer to solve your problems with human beings through digital channels. 

22/03/2016 10:03

Millennial generation contact center

They were born sheltered by economic prosperity and all of them have similar features: young, self-centered, spoilt but above all, highly academically prepared. They are “Generation Y” or Millennials, so called because they came of age when the millennium turned.

22/01/2016 10:01

Cloud contact centers will grow at an annual rate of 25% until 2020

So far, the number of contact centers which have moved to the cloud keeps growing, but what does the next years hold for the cloud contact center industry?