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What Digital Transformation Trends Are Highlighting In 2019?

What Digital Transformation Trends Are Highlighting In 2019?
  04/07/2019 07:07

Digital transformation (DT) is the integration of digital technology in all areas of a company, changing the way of operating and delivering value to users. It is also a cultural change that requires organizations to continually challenge the status quo, experience and be comfortable with failure as well.

DT is imperative for all companies, from the smallest to the largest. It helps organizations to remain competitive and relevant as the world becomes increasingly digital. What is unclear to many business leaders is what digital transformation means. Is it just a way of saying move to the cloud? What are the specific steps that should be taken? Is it necessary to create a new framework for digital transformation? What parts of a business strategy do you need to change?

We are in the middle of 2019 and there are several tendencies of digital transformation that are excelling in companies. From next-generation technologies to business progressions, organizations are taking advantage of new innovations.

What Digital Transformation Trends Are Highlighting In 2019?
1) Digital Transformation (DT) Complies With The User Experience (UX)

Improving the user experience has become the basis of a solid digital transformation. More and more companies are realizing that focusing on UX is the key to success. Whether you are migrating to the cloud or offering specialized mobile applications to employees, the trend is clear. By adopting new technologies to help workers do their tasks, it increases their satisfaction and productivity.

2) The Role Of The CIO Evolves

The Information Director (CIO) has evolved from a technology-focused position to a priority business role. Technological innovation is vital to maintain a competitive advantage, which means that the CIO has become one of the most important leaders of the company. In addition to managing technology expectations, the CIO is now seen as someone who also manages business. The CIO must defend new technologies, such as process automation, so that companies can achieve optimal business results.

3) Record The Cost Of Digital Transformation

To gain a competitive advantage, companies are investing in digital transformation. In April 2019, the IDC consultancy forecast that global spending on digital transformation would reach 1.18 trillion dollars this year, a figure that represents an increase of 17.9% over the previous year. The adoption of smart technologies with the aim of improving efficiency in the workplace has driven this increase in spending.

4) Companies Prepare For 5G

Technically, 5G is already available, although only in selected cities. In 2019, companies are preparing for a future enabled for 5G. All industries will be affected by this new technology. Organizations expect the fifth generation of mobile communications. By 2021, the number of 5G connections could reach more than 100 million.

5) Boosting The Hybrid Cloud

Organizations are adopting the hybrid cloud to improve security and to operate more efficiently. A mix of public cloud and private cloud is becoming increasingly popular among companies.

6) More Bots

As artificial intelligence (AI) makes its way into the company, chatbots could be the most relevant version in the organization in 2019. This technology is being used in the customer service of different industries. In fact, it’s so common, that some users are more used to interacting with chatbots than with human agents.

7) Augmented Reality Growth

Augmented reality (AR) has become especially useful in industrial sectors, where workers can access information or images without the use of their hands. Companies are implementing more applications of AR in their workforce in order to complete many tasks.

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