A powerful call management module in the browser

Effective agents,
satisfied customers.

Offer your agents the best tools for their job. Motivate them with tools that give them full control over their work and the ability to meet their objectives.The agent module allows agents to easily perform all the actions needed to make every single call a success.

An intuitive interface for any agent

One simple interface lets agents manage calls from start to finish on any device, with no need for training:

  • Status update
  • CLID selection
  • Drag and drop call transfers


Advanced productivity functions

Using one single web module, agents can classify calls according to fields predefined for the campaign, add comments and reprogramme a call to be made automatically by the automatic dialling system.

  • Classification
  • Reprogramming
  • Recording of calls
  • Access to call history


Customize campaigns

For outbound call campaigns, agents receive in their modules information about the contact they are calling with the auto dialer, allowing them to personalize the conversation.

  • Upload of Excel files
  • Integration with Salesforce
  • Integration with other CRMs o ERPs


Access from multiple devices and from your browser

Thanks to the WebRTC technology integrated in the agent module, all your agent needs to talk through a system connection is a device connected to the internet.

  • WebRTC – Web real-time communications
  • End-to-end encryption