Supervisors who
won't miss a trick.

Get your supervisors leading the team and making the decisions. Instant access to conversations and real-time access to information, improving communications within your team and boosting campaign results.

Instant information

Supervisors have a real-time view of the status of agents, the number of calls waiting and the main indicators for different active campaigns, as well as the cumulative service level and the number of abandoned calls.

  • Real-time indicators
  • Potential for display on the client’s website or to play intro messages to users
  • Online access 24/7 via the control panel


Wallboard: key indicators display

The supervision module dashboard provides a clear real-time overview of the three main key indicators for your contact centre:

  • Service level
  • Calls being made
  • Calls waiting


Interactive supervision

From the control panel, the supervisor transfers calls from one agent to another or from a queue to an alternate destination, for example, by drag and drop. You can also listen to the calls in real time, and “whisper” guidelines to the agent.