The right answer
for each call

The advanced reception and automatic call routing features take each conversation to its best destination. With order and effectiveness, with intelligence. So that you devote your best resources to the most valuable efforts.

Steer calls in the best direction

Route incoming calls according to whichever criteria you choose: calendar (working days, holidays), lists (white lists, black lists, VIP), calls from mobiles or according to region, agent status or load balancing. You can also request a PIN code for the call to be granted entry.

  • Automatic routing
  • Multiple routing criteria
  • PIN code option


Optimize your agents' time

Distribution of calls between agents in accordance with multiple criteria, information on waiting times (spoken or on the web page) and the possibility of automatic call-backs for users.

  • ACD system
  • Waiting time information
  • Call-back option


Advanced IVR technology that saves ressources

This solution includes an advanced IVR software with speech recognition and synthesis technology, allowing you to automate the most common queries and keep your agents for calls that require personal attention.

  • Automatic whispering
  • Recorded messages for users
  • DTMF keypad options


Survey management

Set up an end-of-call survey to assess the service or request information from clients.

  • Automatic survey after conversation
  • Statistical report with the result of the survey
  • Score obtained by call and agent


All your calls always within hand's reach

For comfort or speed, use recordings for all calls or initiate them any moment during the call. Save recordings in the cloud and access them easily via the control panel.

  • Manual or automatic recording
  • Unlimited storage
  • Easy access via the control panel