Problem-free synchronization
of your information.

A digital contact center that speaks and synchronizes with your company. A solution that facilitates the exchange of data and information of your contact center with your business intelligence systems. Best processes for your business.

Integration with Salesforce.

Use the stand alone version of the agent module for integration in your Salesforce CRM, linking the information from the calls you receive with your Salesforce operations.


Integration of other CRM or ERP systems.

Integrate any web application in our agent module. Whenever an agent receives a call, the platform will send your CRM the information required to open the record of the client who is calling. In addition, the agent will be able to make calls directly from your CRM.


Feed your business intelligence systems.

Use the complete API (or web services) included in the solution to get full information on calls made and received and to feed it into your business intelligence systems.