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Get reports and statistics on your contact centre that enable you to take safer and more reliable decisions.

Reports by service

The statistics module provides detailed information on each of the contact centre’s services or groups of agents:

  • Calls received and handled (by time slot)
  • Average waiting time or abandon time
  • Overflow calls by quantity or time
  • Abandoned calls (by time slot)


Reports by agent

Agent reports provide you with details on the number of calls handled by each agent, the time each of them has spent in the different statuses, and can even give a detailed analysis on when a specific agent moved from one status to another.

  • Number of calls per agent
  • Time by status
  • Specific times for status changes


Details on calls handled

The detail module shows a list of all the calls made and received. It specifies which agent handled each call, shows the type of call and allows you to access call recordings.

  • Complete list of calls made and received
  • Details on which agent handled the call
  • Call type for each call
  • Access to the recordings of every call


Report on survey results

You can easily monitor the results of active call surveys via the reports module on the control panel.


Easily manage your reports

You can easily personalize your reports and statistics at any moment via the control panel:

  • Reports grouped by time, region or line
  • Advanced search and filter options
  • Multiple download formats (csv, Excel)