Telephony for energy companies

Telephony solution
for energy

The energy companies have specific needs in terms of communications both externally, with customers and suppliers, and internally, among the employees themselves. The companies in this sector receive hundreds of calls daily that must be attended and managed professionally. For this, it is essential that these companies have a solid telephony platform and flexible communications services.

Regulatory compliance


Telephone contracting


Automatic incidences management


Systems integration


Scalability and flexibility

solución de telefonía para energía - masvoz

Offers toll free numbers (by regulations)

Comply with the regulations by contracting 900 national lines, nfree and easy to remember. Improve your customer service through 900 lines prepared to handle a large simultaneous volume of calls.

solución de telefonía para energía - masvoz

Record hiring calls with flexibility

Maximize the efficiency of hiring calls by recording calls to the call center in a secure and flexible way. Use all the power of agent module of the solution Cloud Contact Center to record calls at any point in the conversation.

solución de telefonía para energía - masvoz

Optimize automatic incident management

Automate responses to repetitive queries about open or recent incidents using an advanced interactive voice response (IVR). Dedicate the time of your agents for those steps that require personalized attention.

solución de telefonía para energía - masvoz

Integrate your telephony with your corporate systems

Synchronize all your telephony information in real time with your corporate systems, CRM or ERP. Show your agents the information of the calling contact and update your systems with the results of each conversation integrating your telephony into your systems.

solución de telefonía para energía - masvoz

Enjoy the flexibility and scalability of the cloud

Do not put barriers to the growth of your team of customer service or telemarketing. With the solution Cloud Contact Center you can dimension your call center without limits and in real time; and you will only pay what you use at all times.


Holaluz needed to unify in a single communications system the management of calls of the company and the customer service channel.

Watium needed to offer maximum telephone accessibility to its customers through a free commercial numbering.