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According to Royal Decree-Law 37/2020, of December 22nd, all companies that provide basic services of general interest must have a free 900 LINE as a means of contact.

If you offer basic services of general interest for the supply of water, gas, electricity, financial and insurance, postal, air, rail and road transport, health protection, sanitation and waste, as well as those that are legally determined…
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Advantages of hire our 900 line


Adapt to the regulations

By law you must offer a free 900 number. If you don’t have it yet, contact us!

Happier customers

The 900 are the favorite numbers of the customers. They are easy to remember and free!

Gain notoriety

Contract 900 lines from more than 70 countries. Offer your services both nationally and internationally.

Immediate activation

Also perform portability at the moment.

Without permanence

And without cancellation costs! You are the owner of your voice.

Answer 100% of calls

With our IVRs, you will be available 24/7 and reduce waiting time to zero.