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Barbers who take care of the 'look' of their clients from the first call

Barbers who take care of the ‘look’ of their clients from the first call

Barcelona Barber Shop was born in April 2014 with a unique barbershop in Barcelona. In just three years, the company has multiplied its growth with the opening of five new stores and employing 45 professionals from the barbershop and men’s hairdressing salon. 

The barbershop network understands the service to its customers as an experience that goes far beyond the treatment itself in the premises; it starts at the moment when the client contacts one of their centers. To offer an excellent and unique service from that first moment, Barcelona Barber Shop needed all its barbershops to work in a network, so that incoming calls could be attended from any of its premises. On the other hand, this network of barbershops had another very important need to cover: identifying the telephone number of the customers who were calling to book an appointment and be able to automatically access their file.

Advanced call distribution system to offer personalized attention

To handle incoming calls from any of its barbershops, Barcelona Barber Shop hired the Virtual PBX of masvoz. Thanks to this service, it has 6 telephone lines (one per local), 9 IP terminals and 9 IP extensions. In addition, masvoz made an integration of the Virtual PBX with the company’s ERP via webservices in order to manage the calls based on previously defined criteria.

On the other hand, thanks to the SMS Push service in the cloud, Barcelona Barber Shop sends messages to remember appointments to its customers. The service of masvoz allows remembering every half hour what are the reservations of each one of the barbershops and sends a message to the mobile of the clients remembering the appointments to them of automatic form.

More than 95% of incoming calls answered

Thanks to the Virtual PBX, Barcelona Barber Shop handles more than 95% of all incoming calls with a waiting time of only 10 seconds, thus improving its accessibility. In addition, the integration of this intelligent telephony solution with corporate systems has allowed linking telephone calls with the file of each of its customers.

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