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masvoz has provided us with fast, efficient and close attention. Their services in the cloud have allowed us to save on our telephone expenses and meet the expectations of our customers and suppliers

José Carlos Aguilar

Commercial and Marketing Director

Green and Personalized Energy for a More Sustainable World


Watium is an electric power trading company that helps its customers optimize their energy consumption. The formula of its success lies in its business philosophy based on personalized attention, as well as offering savings in electricity bills for each client. Watium is also a company committed to the environment, since it only sells ‘green energy’ from renewable sources.

Watium needed to offer the maximum telephone accessibility throughout the country to its customers through a commercial numbering (toll free numbers) without costs and with an easy number to remember. In addition, the company wanted to improve communication internally and between venues through a virtual switchboard service that would adapt to their needs.

Implementation of the Virtual PBX and contracting of commercial and geographic numbering

To handle incoming calls from its customer service center, Watium contracted the commercial numbering of masvoz. Thanks to this service, users can call the energy company to answer their questions from a 900 line and, therefore, completely free of charge.

The Virtual PBX service was also implemented in the cloud adapted to Watium’s needs, with 37 telephone extensions that not only improved communication between the company’s different headquarters, but also within its facilities among its employees.

21,000 answered and incoming calls per year 

Thanks to the virtual switchboard and the masvoz commercial and geographic numbering, Watium handles 21,000 calls a year from both customers and suppliers and with a minimum waiting time.