Advantages of
cloud-based telephony

We capitalize on all the possibilities offered by the cloud to turn them into benefits and advantages for our clients.



We adapt to your business’s existing software and infrastructure, saving you the cost of purchasing and maintaining new equipment. Working in the cloud also means your company can avoid expenditure on support technicians.




It will only take us a few hours to start up the service, with no time wasted on cumbersome installations. When you want to increase or reduce your capacities or users, we’ll do it immediately, meaning you can optimize costs during periods of low activity




Our applications are as comprehensive as they are straightforward and intuitive. All our products can be operated from any device connected to the internet.




Cloud services are activated and configured in a few hours, without wasting time on long projects or heavy installations. When you want to increase or decrease capabilities and users you can do it yourself, almost immediately, so you optimize your time and take better advantage of your tools.




‘Communications as a Service’ applications, like ‘Software as a Service’, are always available in the cloud, and updated to the latest version. No longer do you have to worry about updating your system, or ensuring its capacity. The cloud is always there to offer you maximum availability and tranquility.