Telephony for eCommerce companies

Telephony solution
for eCommerce

New digital customers want multichannel attention, immediate and personalized, throughout their customer journey. The masvoz telephony for eCommerce solution helps digital businesses maximize sales, optimize operations resources, and obtain more business intelligence, through the use of services advanced communications.

Users Attraction


Conversion Maximization


Delivery Automation


Feedback Management


Digital Analytics Management

telephony solution for ecommerce - masvoz

Improve campaigns and conversions

Increase your eCommerce sales through local phone numbering in more than 70 countries. Geolocalises your users to give personalized attention. Increase conversions and optimize resources by adding a button Click&Talk on your website to facilitate free contact to your users.

telephony solution for ecommerce - masvoz

Optimize the resources of your operations

Manage inquiries to your customer service through a professional contact center tool, unified with your phone system. Automate communications with your users, keep track of your contact center in real time, and integrate it easily with your CRM.

telephony solution for ecommerce - masvoz

Improve the intelligence of your digital commerce

Get information about the whole process in real time. Make ‘call tracking’ of marketing campaigns, typify and get detailed statistics of each contact to your contact center, track the delivery and feed-back of the customer in real time, and synchronize all the information with your corporate systems or ERP.


Motorflash needed to improve the company’s communications system and customize the online services for its customers.

Westwing required the implementation of an advanced call management system with exhaustive information in real time.

Wuaki needed a telephony solution that would allow him to unify the communications of his headquarters at international level.