Enjoy the freedom
of the cloud

Enjoy the benefits of communications as a service. Cloud solutions that offer maximum flexibility and efficiency because they adapt to your needs at any time. The cloud has many advantages.

Flexibility gives you peace of mind

Freedom and immediate effect when upgrading and downgrading capacities. No limits on landline extensions or mobiles. With an API for integration in business tools such as CRM and ERP, allowing you to manage it without external assistance.


Save time and money

A pay-per-use model which cuts your phone bills by up to 80%. No investment in equipment or licences, and suitable for your company’s infrastructure, With free transfers between your offices.


Rapid execution

The cloud is always available. After your initial delivery, start-up takes only a few hours. After start-up, no third-party assistance is needed for configuration.



The cloud model makes complex processes easy. You manage the switchboard yourself online, using the control panel installed on the cloud. This gives you access to the full range of functions designed to drive up your effectiveness and productivity (IVR, ACD, etc.).



The cloud platform, protected and redundant in several data centers, assures the efficient management of the most demanding flow of simultaneous calls. In addition, version updates are performed automatically in the cloud, without affecting the service.


Discover the full potential of your smart PBX.