Frequestly Asked Questions

We answer the main questions. For more information, contact our team of business advisors.

What is the Virtual PBX?
The Virtual PBX by masvoz offers all the features of an advanced telephone PBX, along with the benefits of cloud services, so you can manage your calls in the most efficient and flexible way.
What advantages does a virtual PBX have?
The advantages offered by a virtual PBX are based on the following aspects:

  • Flexibility: The control unit allows to increase or decrease capacities and extensions with total freedom and immediacy, without limit of fixed and mobile extensions, regardless of their location.
  • Savings: Up to 80% cheaper calls – free of charge between extensions or locations – with no need to invest in equipment or software licenses (pay-per-use model, no activation fees, penalties or stays).
  • Speed: Your PBX is working in a matter of hours.
  • Usability: With a full range of smartphone functionalities, managed from an intuitive multi-device control panel.
  • Availability: Cloud platform always updated, protected and redundant.
  • Do I need to buy any equipment or license to use the PBX?
    It is not necessary to buy any equipment or license if you are going to use mobile extensions or webphone. If, on the other hand, we include in the project fixed extensions, we must take into account the cost of the IP terminals, which are offered in the form of purchase and rental.
    Do I need to comply with any special technical requirement?
    The only requirement for the control panel to work is to have an internet connection.
    How do I activate the Virtual PBX?
    Once the service is contracted, you will receive the user and password to access the control panel of your PBX. From now on, you can enjoy the service.
    What is the control panel?
    By contracting any product with masvoz, you receive a user access Control Panel, a useful and intuitive online tool that allows you to manage your corporate communications in an integrated way.
    What types of extensions are available with the service?
    There are 3 types of extension:

  • Fixed: For use through office, fixed or wireless ip terminals, which allow you to take full advantage of a virtual PBX.
  • Mobile: The BizPhone app lets you add a mobile extension to the PBX, either on the company device or the employee’s device (BYOD model).
  • Webphone: Multimedia software application, which through WebRTC technology offers the user the possibility to manage calls directly from the PC.
  • Can I send / receive calls on my PC, laptop or tablet?
    The platform offers the possibility of sending and receiving calls from any device thanks to the webphone extension. Thanks to webRTC technology, the PC browser becomes a complete and comfortable telephone terminal.
    How much does the virtual PBX cost?
    The price of the service is 5 € / month / extension
    My on premise PBX is not yet amortized … can I ‘virtualize’ it?
    Of course. The SIP Trunk service provides voice over IP lines to any On Premise PBX enabled for IP communications. This IP telephony service can coexist or offer an alternative to traditional telephone lines (LA, BRI, PRI) without having to dispense with the current PBX.

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