The best features for your company's PBX

Optimize your communications

Multiply the efficiency of your organization and make an impact on your work productivity. A business communications system geared towards benefits and competitiveness.

Intelligent call management

Customize the way each call is handled in accordance with your preferred criterion (day of the week, time of day, contact, etc.) and include an interactive response menu to redirect your clients.


Calls recording

Secure the contents of your conversations by recording calls. Register, store, find and replay all of your calls or whichever calls you require – at any time. It’s all so easy – one click away and in the cloud.


Call forwarding and capture

Make sure every call you receive is seen to. Forward them to a mobile, another extension or voicemail. If you activate call capture, workers can take the call for an absent co-worker.


Virtual assistant with voice recognition

An friendly virtual assistant will connect the caller with the person they are calling after they say their name thanks to an advanced IVR system with voice recognition.


Secure communications

Protect your confidentiality by encrypting calls with the latest digital security protocols on the market.


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